Beetle Beetle Beetle

My son is an amazing person. He is kind he is loving he is creative and he is wired differently. I know it could be much worse I know that there are parents who deal with far larger obstacles than I do. This year was his first year of “real” school he started kindergarten. A little background on me I was the over achiever I was the bookworm I liked being the teacher’s pet. When award season came in school I made it my mission to collect them all like whatever cool thing the kids were collecting in those days. The award I never understood Exceptional Effort I always thought I know that kid isn’t doing great why are they up here? My son showed me why those kids were up there. He started the school year not wanting to write because it was too hard. Every trimester he earned that Exceptional Effort Award. He worked his butt off to earn those. Every trimester I was expecting to hear he was so far behind there was no way he would catch up and every trimester I was surprised to hear that he was performing below what was expected of all children but not so far behind that he was looking at being held behind. We are still working on how to spell our name properly and how to write it properly but let me tell you no one draws you a picture like my boy the details are amazing. He will tell you a story and he will make it interesting and give you details you wouldn’t expect to hear from a child his age. I often get choked up when it come to him because I think of the obstacles along the way and I feel so ill equipped to help him over come them. This last week though he kind of blew my mind as we were on an adventure the other morning he decided to play law enforcement on his sibling who were riding too far ahead and then came the siren most people imitate a police siren its a woo woo woo kind of sound not my boy his siren says BEETLE BEETLE BEETLE and hearing that BEETLE it really hit me I always say he is wire differently; He just showed me that day that he sees and hears this world differently from others. Guess what there is not a darn thing wrong with that how boring would this world be if we all saw everything the same way? How many inventions and discoveries would we have missed out on if people did not see the world differently. That BEETLE just told me that everything is going to be okay that just because it may take a little more work to get the results and it may take presenting the materials in a different way it doesn’t mean that the mission is impossible. My little guy is wonderful he is perfect and he is teaching this life long learner a thing or two along the way. I love him so much for that last part and I can only hope that I don’t fail him along the way and I must always remember to fight and advocate for him because if I don’t no one else will.


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