Fathers Day

Ok so let me say that like some adults I have issues with my childhood. That being said I thought this would be a good thing to post about not because I want to air out my dirty laundry but because I really think that I have grown as a person and have moved on and writing it down will help me to remember that I have indeed let it go. I have let my father <as in the person I share DNA with> know how I feel about him and nothing will change those feelings but I was thinking about my own childhood while dealing with my own children and you know I truly believe in my heart of hearts that while he is far from perfect he tried his best and you know I could be a much worse person than I am today so I choose to learn from his mistakes as a parent I vow to not let history repeat itself in my own parenting adventures and I hope for my own children to not follow in my foot steps but to exceed my expectations. The man who raised two children on his own had some help along the way but he was never given the tools to be a stellar parent he made do with what he had around him and he had a hand in raising two amazing people and no one can take that from him not even me. If it wasn’t for this man I would not be the independent free thinker who blogs before you today. If it wasn’t for him bringing powerful strong amazing women into my life I wouldn’t have the balls of steel I have today if it wasn’t for him showing me everything NOT to do I would have made much worse decisions in life. In some ways I repeated history and let the cycle continue but there are so many other cycles I have broken. Why because I didn’t want to be like him or I wanted to prove him wrong so I did. How great is that he raised a daughter who has no problem throwing a middle finger in your face with a big smile plastered on her face. I am a forgiving loving passionate person. I learned that falling of the horse doesn’t mean you don’t hop your ass right back up there. I learned that the most entertaining stories don’t come from a book but an imaginative mind. I learned to never judge a book by its cover. I learned that the face people give you is not always their face. My mother gave me my biggest life lesson in my 20’s but this man I share DNA with gave me so many more lessons and really shaped who I am the good and the bad. He tried as best he could. He taught me that a single parent doesn’t mean you let your new conquests in and out of your children’s lives. He taught me loud music is bad for little ears and it is better to walk in the heat with your kids sake then it is to take a ride in a car with too much bass XP. He taught me that a parent can be a jungle gym too. There are other lessons that were learned that I will be forever thankful for. What doesn’t kill us makes us stronger my childhood did not kill me but if for damn sure made me a better and stronger person.


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