So its been a while since i’ve written anything here and i’ve missed it. We have began homeschooling this past month and Eeegad its been a struggle my child is 5 and a we chose home school because my child can be quite the handful and i was not ok with doing that to a teacher and a classroom. i feel that i need those Keep Calm and……… in wallpaper form some days and then there all the days that we get it all done and i’m one accomplished and proud super mom!!! What has kept me going is the little things and the big too the subjects he gives me the hardest time about are also the ones that i get giddy about when he gets 100%. But you know what my proudest moment was one of my hardest days we spent most of the day working on our history lesson the 7 continents and something special about each one we had been discussing the Sahara Desert and which countries it goes across and Mali was mentioned and he tried to side track me by asking me why that girl Molly lived there i gave him a quick answer and on we went. He was later telling his father about his day and what he had learned and he named 2 of the countries and the continent!! i was very proud of him that one small distraction/frustration ended up being a huge reward at the end of my very long day. Ahhhh i feel so much better getting that out i am trying to schedule one day a week to blog because i really need to have this outlet. Until Next Time Loyal Reader lets hope my hectic superhero schedule does not keep us apart for too long 


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