How To Honor A Legend

So let me start by saying i am not a huge rap or hip hop fan and really did not listen to this mans music very often on the radio sure but never went out and bought an album. When this man passed away i was in junior high school 7th grade i think thinking i could change the world when i turned 18, that has yet to happen. As of late my significant other has started playing a lot of Tupac and i take the time to listen to the lyrics i even get a little teary eyed from time to time. So my S.O. goes on to play some videos of the man i had no clue what he had gone through. Then i hear this great quote that is on his tombstone:ImageSo there you go that is who i am blogging about today Tupac. The man is a legend is he not? Websters defines a legend as a story coming down from the past his story is still being told 16 years after his death. The reason that i decided to sit down and write this blog that no one will probably ever read is because i am fearful for what this mans legend has become and can become its heartbreaking really. Many would like to emulate him but for the wrong things for the sex the Hennessy and the weed as so many rap songs today talk about, but why not emulate instead what Thug Life was truly all about? From what i gather it was about the people as a whole working together to better each other it was not about shooting up your enemies banging all you can and getting messed up all day everyday. No this man pictured a better place for all of us so that we would no longer be taken advantage of by the 1% some believe that this is what led to his demise. Perhaps he was always destined to leave the world at a young age before he could accomplish all of his goals. Look at the legend of Tupac Amaru the Inca king he was named after he attempted to lead a revolution of his own and was killed for it. Look at Tupac’s mother its no secret she was a member of the Black Panthers so yeah to me this man was always destined to be a legend. 

If the man was here today I think he would probably be very upset at the turn his legend has taken,this man from what I’ve watched and heard from those really close to him was an incredibly intelligent and talented man. He was not brought up in the ideal Rockwell home some of us have had and many of us dreamed of. He was born at a time when people were working hard to make change for their communities, he was famous in a time when camera phones did not exist so there were no eyes all around to film the harassment and all the other craziness that came along with the fame. He was silenced for whatever reason be it financial gain for others or to put out the spark before the glorious blaze broke out. *The need to write all this down has burdened me for almost two weeks now so forgive me if its all over the place*

Anyway so I heard that Tupac loved to read anything and everything he could get his hands on i plan on reading some of those books. This is one way I plan on honoring this legend other ways are to educate my children with everything i know from gardening to paper making my last thought is to do something good with myself to use my talents to make the world a better place for now it will be little things some i already do some will be new to me. These are a few of the way that I plan to honor a legend and to contribute to the vision I believe he had for his “Thug Life” and like i said I am not a rap or hip hop fan i am not a fan of 2pac the rapper I am a fan of Tupac Amaru Shakur the man the spark that was put out too soon. So to you fans of 2pac and Tupac I ask this what will you do to truly emulate a legend? What will you contribute to “Thug Life”. I am not a fan of rap or hip hop I am a lover of great minds, I am a mother, I am a student of life and a molder of young minds and those are just a few of my super powers what are yours?


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