The Girl Behind The Venetian Mask

As I set the first twists in this hand painted merino superwash whose colorway was named Berry Tops I was not reminded of berries at all. At first look the roving made me think of flower power and tie dye and naked muddy people dancing. Yeah I know my mind works a little weird hahaha. Image

Anyway back to the twists as the first ones ran up the fiber I was brought back to memories of sitting in my grandma’s room at one apartment in particular when I was at the beginning of my teen years my grandmother had all these beautiful Venetian masks on her wall. I used to wonder what it would be like to be a girl back in those days well a girl of means anyway and to go to one of those fantastic masquerade balls donning an elaborate and beautiful mask to have everyone whisper who is that girl? This yarn spun up beautiful pinks, deep purples and beautiful aquas there were some gorgeous almost black areas of mossy green. It’s one of the reasons I love spinning all the memories it brings before my eyes all the beautiful scenery I’ve been privileged to see in such a short time. This yarn brought back lots of good times with my grandma and I realized this a while back but here it is:  the good memories are the one that stick out most the only ones that should matter when you spend time on the bad ones you make things bad for yourself so my advice to you readers take a little time every day when you feel overwhelmed to focus on a good memory and tell me you don’t feel better. We get past the bad times people its why were all still here we may be bruised and a little dirty but it didn’t break us!!! Have an awesome day and enjoy these photos of The Girl Behind The Venetian Mask. Oh and before i forget the background was custom made by my 5 and 1 year old taught them to make paper over the weekend we had a blast until dad threw out the paper mixture but this is another adventure for another time my followers. ImageImageImageImage


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