The Girl Behind The Venetian Mask

As I set the first twists in this hand painted merino superwash whose colorway was named Berry Tops I was not reminded of berries at all. At first look the roving made me think of flower power and tie dye and naked muddy people dancing. Yeah I know my mind works a little weird hahaha. Image

Anyway back to the twists as the first ones ran up the fiber I was brought back to memories of sitting in my grandma’s room at one apartment in particular when I was at the beginning of my teen years my grandmother had all these beautiful Venetian masks on her wall. I used to wonder what it would be like to be a girl back in those days well a girl of means anyway and to go to one of those fantastic masquerade balls donning an elaborate and beautiful mask to have everyone whisper who is that girl? This yarn spun up beautiful pinks, deep purples and beautiful aquas there were some gorgeous almost black areas of mossy green. It’s one of the reasons I love spinning all the memories it brings before my eyes all the beautiful scenery I’ve been privileged to see in such a short time. This yarn brought back lots of good times with my grandma and I realized this a while back but here it is:  the good memories are the one that stick out most the only ones that should matter when you spend time on the bad ones you make things bad for yourself so my advice to you readers take a little time every day when you feel overwhelmed to focus on a good memory and tell me you don’t feel better. We get past the bad times people its why were all still here we may be bruised and a little dirty but it didn’t break us!!! Have an awesome day and enjoy these photos of The Girl Behind The Venetian Mask. Oh and before i forget the background was custom made by my 5 and 1 year old taught them to make paper over the weekend we had a blast until dad threw out the paper mixture but this is another adventure for another time my followers. ImageImageImageImage



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another bzz agent review

This review is for the Bic Soleil i would like to start off by saying that i am a bzz agent and was provided with a Bic Soleil Razor and coupons for the razor in exchange for creating Buzz about the Bic Soleil. i would also like for you all to know that i am not a hairy person and can go up to 2 months without having a need to shave. Anyway onto my review when i received confirmation that i was going to participate in this campaign i stopped shaving so i could give an honest review there still wasn’t enough work for the Soleil to do when it first arrived so it sat in the  box for a few more weeks. Finally the day came that i could take no more and HAD to shave so i did and was very happy with the results smooth legs and no cuts hooray. my legs look awesome thank you Bic





James Dean The Story Of A Rebel……………….YARN


It all started with 4 ounces of the prettiest roving I’ve ever seen. I fell in love with this merino nylon roving the second I took it out of the box my swap partner sent me. The colors were what got me then I saw the name of the roving Forever In Blue Jeans I flipped being a lover of all things Rockabilly made the fiber even sweeter. Now usually when   I spin a yarn I start out with a name in mind for the yarn that will come from the fiber and end up changing the name before the yarn is plied and dried but this was not the case this time around James Dean was the name I started with and ended up using.

You may be asking yourself 1) why is this chick writing a book about some yarn? whooptee tah! and 2) why did you choose that name for this yarn? Well first things first James Dean had the most beautiful blue eyes and that was my first thought those blue eyes the other reason because when I think of blue jeans I think James Dean in a pair of blues jeans with the white t shirt and the pack of Lucky Strike’s rolled up in the sleeve. It sure didn’t help matters that every time I touched my spindle the David Essex song Rock On played in my head. Other names did cross my my mind as I tugged at the fiber and watched it spin but this yarn was always meant to be James Dean.

If you aren’t a spinner or are a newbie like me then you may not know that spinning colored fiber does some fun and interesting things to the colors once you start to spin it. This was my first multicolored fiber up until now I’ve dyed a couple of skeins after they were spun and have worked with solid or natural colored fibers. Oh the colors I saw I saw midnight skies, Cookie Monster, sky blue, indigo, stormy clouds and so much more while watching this yarn spin into singles. The first hour and a half went smoothly then tragedy struck my 3 year old son got a hold of my first roll of singles while I was performing my super mom duties dad did not take the singles away and my longest single ever was tangled ahhhhhhhhhhh. I sat for 2 hours rescuing that single only to have it break into three pieces before I was done after the singles were carefully rolled back up to bed I went and the spinning began bright and early the next day.

It took me one week from start to finish to spin that roving into yarn ply it and dry it and let me tell you it was worth every last minute. As I was spinning I was concerned with the white sections that I would have huge sections of yarn that were just dull and white but that was not the case, no even where there are sections of white they are anything but boring. To truly appreciate this yarn one must see it for themselves I could go on and on about the things I see in that yarn. I am very proud of this yarn it has a lot of my firsts my first stupid long single, my first multicolored roving my first commitment to a name for a yarn and most importantly my first novelty yarn.

The story of James Dean does not end here my followers for I have big plans for that 468 yards of yarn. Please stay tuned and enjoy these pictures of James Dean………………….THE YARN

Imagethe soakImageImage  ROCK ONImageJames Dean