life is…………………………….

going better got some good news last week from my endocrinologist. hoping for better news in the months to come so june also happens to be the month i turn 30, and my eldest enters his last year as a tween. so let the giveaways begin!!!!!!!!!!! today i have 7 coupon prize packs to giveaway they total in value $277.85 i will close giveaway on Sunday June 3, 2012 at 6pm PST. so here are the 7 packs: 


For the baby= $62.55 in baby related coupons

dog lover pack= $54.00 +BOGO’S

cat lover pack = $43.55 +BOGO’S

i want my body back = $25.00

to your health= $40.00

pamper mom= $27.00

celebrate dad pack= $25.75

all you have to do is comment below which coupon pack interests you one entry per comment per coupon pack  and if none of those interest you still join us sunday for the announcement of another giveaway 

*****this giveaway is through Bell E’s Baubles solely and  is not affiliated with or open to US residents only*******


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