One day i am going to try preparing one of these amazing recipes this looks incredible

Five And Spice

So, I think I might have had more to share with you.  Some further reflections, maybe a recipe, and many many thanks for your wonderful, kind response to my post about my feast.  But it’s going to have to wait.  It will have to wait because my consciousness has been completely and irrevocably subsumed by this soup.

It’s like a secret that’s just too good.  It takes on a will of its own, growing and pushing and elbowing until it burbles out to be shared, whether or not you meant for it to be aired.  I do want to share this soup with you, and it has decided that it simply can’t wait any longer.

When we ate it for supper a while back Joel exclaimed, “this is the first soup that I can say without qualification that I love.”  Myself, I would count it among a very small…

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She Cleans Her House Wearing High Heels

and pajamas now there’s a sight. It’s very true and not the norm around our house but as you may or may not know I am a Bzzz Agent and recently had the opportunity to join the Dr.Scholl’s For Her  campaign and thought I would really put these insoles to the test and let me tell you they passed with flying colors. I put the insoles into my newest pair of heels because the still needed some breaking in and by the time I finished cleaning my house I had forgotten that I was wearing heels my feet felt/feel great so yes I would highly recommend you go out and buy a few pair I know I will be picking up some more summer is almost here and I love to wear my most uncomfortable shoes during the summer months. 

gift bags

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life is…………………………….

going better got some good news last week from my endocrinologist. hoping for better news in the months to come so june also happens to be the month i turn 30, and my eldest enters his last year as a tween. so let the giveaways begin!!!!!!!!!!! today i have 7 coupon prize packs to giveaway they total in value $277.85 i will close giveaway on Sunday June 3, 2012 at 6pm PST. so here are the 7 packs: 


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