i try not to judge how others dress their children but when i saw this toddler swim suit i was very disgusted to say the least. i understand that some moms want to put their daughters in bikini’s my daughter had one last summer but this is gross an adult looking monokini forget the side cut outs yuck but how about that faux cleavage for a TODDLER can you say NASTY!!!!???!!!!??! i know that this is a hip hop clothing line and all but should TODDLERS be aspiring to be video hoes? i know some parents will see nothing wrong with this but stop and think about the message we send to children when we say this is okay and sadly there are people out there that would see this on a TODDLER and would enjoy it and that sickens me too, so please just stop with the adult swim suits for babies one day these girls will be teens and tweens and will want to wear slutty suits like this and i would prefer to have the argument with my children then not now


3 thoughts on “Normally

  1. Oh, wow. Yeah, I agree with you. That swimsuit is not appropriate for a toddler! I remember being little and wanting a bikini because my best friend had one, but the bikini she had was so childish and pink and ruffled and in no way sexualized, but the swimsuit above? I just… wow. So sad that someone would make that.

    • thank you 1st of all for the very 1st comment on my blog YAY!!! ***and i thought i was in trouble when i got an email asking me to moderate lol*** yeah that suit made me really sad and angry

      • Hehe, you’re welcome!
        I know, I remember wondering why I had to moderate a comment when I first started blogging! 😀

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