Fly me to the moon……..

Better yet Mars!!!! Yes Mars where the dumb ass population is ZERO look we all have our moments when people just annoy you right? Maybe its just me maybe it was just one stupid person too many today lol, but i’m ready to leave the human population behind me and move to Mars first there was the rude notification on my Etsy account because after a week of no contact from a seller i filed dispute with pay pal. Geeze you would have thought i reported her to every newspaper in her hometown by the letter i got whatever don’t know her vented on facebook and to some friends and was done with it even got my money back woo hoo. Then i comment on a friends post of a picture of a mojito just some helpful pointers from a  breastfeeding mom of 5 and would you believe that someone just goes on to basically say everything i said was wrong and she’s done this before. i don’t know this person but any time i give my friend advice she’s always right there contradicting me. Maybe she feels threatened, maybe i make her feel insecure in her Super Momness well thats not my intention, i just care a lot about my friend she’s just had her first baby. i try to lay back with the advice and only give where i see fit so maybe 10 times from pregnancy to baby’s 1st month okay so what are we looking at here once a month maybe? Hey don’t look at like that, thats less then the old lay at the grocery store who thought for sure you were pregnant nope thats all just easter candy ; ). Anyway my point is this children DO NOT come into the world with a how to raise me manual and we all learn from our mistakes along the way thats why your younger siblings are better than you your parents made all the mistakes with you and learned from there. So when someone gives advice you should take the good useful stuff and let the other stuff filter right on out not be all mad that someone has another way of doing things and try to make them feel bad. Because at the end of the day when my kids are all tucked in and i have 5 more loads of laundry to do and lunches to make i’m still SUPER MOM and you are too.


thanks sunnysleevez for this informative post i know i will be more careful in the future

Sunny Sleevez

I just moved a chair to sweep the floor and was dismayed at the damage to our beautiful flooring. The window is screened by a large tree so never gets direct sunlight but just look at the bleaching from reflected UV rays in just 3 years

Imagine the damage to my skin if my desk were had been here instead!

This is a really important issue for anyone sitting in direct sunlight that comes through a window.

Regular glass blocks almost all UVB rays but allows UVA to come through.

Both UVA and UVB rays are harmful.  Remember:

UVB is  the main sunburn ray, it causes skin cancer and wrinkles

UVA penetrates the skin more deeply than UVB ,  it causes skin cancer and wrinkles

UVA It is also the ray used in tanning beds 

Tinting –  Adding sheets of UV blocking film to windows, or when replacing old window…

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yay and booo what will this mean for the show this season i’m sure is all but done filming but what about next year?

The Marquee Blog

If you’re Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer, first comes the HBO show, then love, and then the baby: Paquin’s rep tells CNN that the “True Blood” actress and her husband/co-star Moyer are expecting their first child together.

Paquin, 29, and Moyer, 42, wed in August 2010 in Malibu after meeting on the set of HBO’s sexy supernatural series. They’re expecting their bundle of joy in the fall.

According to Entertainment Weekly, Moyer has two other children – Billy, 12, and Lilac, 10 – from a previous relationship.

Both “True Blood” stars will be back for the show’s fifth season when it launches June 10.

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i try not to judge how others dress their children but when i saw this toddler swim suit i was very disgusted to say the least. i understand that some moms want to put their daughters in bikini’s my daughter had one last summer but this is gross an adult looking monokini forget the side cut outs yuck but how about that faux cleavage for a TODDLER can you say NASTY!!!!???!!!!??! i know that this is a hip hop clothing line and all but should TODDLERS be aspiring to be video hoes? i know some parents will see nothing wrong with this but stop and think about the message we send to children when we say this is okay and sadly there are people out there that would see this on a TODDLER and would enjoy it and that sickens me too, so please just stop with the adult swim suits for babies one day these girls will be teens and tweens and will want to wear slutty suits like this and i would prefer to have the argument with my children then not now

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A new week………………………………..

and a better me lets just hope it stays this way. I’ve been super stressed and depressed and haven’t felt like doing much of anything the last two months. The loss of a good friend and another major life event threw me through a loop the last two months, I’ve been depressed before but nothing like this and while we are only on day 3 of me feeling better i keep feeling the depression wanting to creep back in so i’m trying to stay positive and busy and be thankful that i have another day to share with my children. Which got me to thinking that we really don’t appreciate the “little” things in life and we all have so much to be thankful about and those things really do out weight the bad and others have it so much worse. So please, please PLEASE take a moment to stop and think what do i have to be thankful for? Especially the next time life has you down well thats all for now look forward to sharing more with you all soon and don’t forget about the coupon giveaway!!! 



Allergy Season

Depending on where you are in the country its upon us runny noses, sneezing, coughing will it never end?!?!?! Chances are you know at least one person with allergies what do you use? No lie in our house it’s the cheapest brand we can get our hands on and thanks to me being a bzz agent free was the price i paid this time and for the good stuff Claritin. To be honest ever since my pediatrician prescribed Zyrtec for my then 3 and 1 year old not 11 and 9 i thought it was a miracle worker but ouch the price tag. When we had the extra money and it was on sale i’d spring for it but stuck mainly to generic benadryl yuck <it’s always made me groggy and never took away my hives fast enough.> But after trying Claritin i am happy to say we have found an affordable solution for our household allergy needs and no groggy kids still trying to decide if thats a good thing or a bad thing. The great thing is that my kids don’t have to suffer being leaky and runny and itchy for long because Claritin works fast efficiently and super long lasting!!! Wanna try some Claritin? Free coupons for my readers!!! $3.00 off just comment below will randomly choose 5 winners