whose a whattta?

A little about me and this blog as I thought about what I could possibly blog about a million ideas came to mind but then I thought well the mommy thing has been over done and a craft blog could be done but wait thats only really going to appeal to some people. Then bam it hit me why not combine all of my interests and blog about how i try to be my own version of SUPER <fill in the blank here>!!!!! We all try to be the best at something right? So why not share how i attempt to be SUPER ME <dun dun du dun> the best mom daughter and wife i can be and all i’m hoping for is to help someone else see they too can be SUPER <your name here> and if i can teach you some tips trick along the way then go both of us! Am i always right? Heck no so if i’m doing something wrong or if you have an idea to make somethin


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