Beetle Beetle Beetle

My son is an amazing person. He is kind he is loving he is creative and he is wired differently. I know it could be much worse I know that there are parents who deal with far larger obstacles than I do. This year was his first year of “real” school he started kindergarten. A little background on me I was the over achiever I was the bookworm I liked being the teacher’s pet. When award season came in school I made it my mission to collect them all like whatever cool thing the kids were collecting in those days. The award I never understood Exceptional Effort I always thought I know that kid isn’t doing great why are they up here? My son showed me why those kids were up there. He started the school year not wanting to write because it was too hard. Every trimester he earned that Exceptional Effort Award. He worked his butt off to earn those. Every trimester I was expecting to hear he was so far behind there was no way he would catch up and every trimester I was surprised to hear that he was performing below what was expected of all children but not so far behind that he was looking at being held behind. We are still working on how to spell our name properly and how to write it properly but let me tell you no one draws you a picture like my boy the details are amazing. He will tell you a story and he will make it interesting and give you details you wouldn’t expect to hear from a child his age. I often get choked up when it come to him because I think of the obstacles along the way and I feel so ill equipped to help him over come them. This last week though he kind of blew my mind as we were on an adventure the other morning he decided to play law enforcement on his sibling who were riding too far ahead and then came the siren most people imitate a police siren its a woo woo woo kind of sound not my boy his siren says BEETLE BEETLE BEETLE and hearing that BEETLE it really hit me I always say he is wire differently; He just showed me that day that he sees and hears this world differently from others. Guess what there is not a darn thing wrong with that how boring would this world be if we all saw everything the same way? How many inventions and discoveries would we have missed out on if people did not see the world differently. That BEETLE just told me that everything is going to be okay that just because it may take a little more work to get the results and it may take presenting the materials in a different way it doesn’t mean that the mission is impossible. My little guy is wonderful he is perfect and he is teaching this life long learner a thing or two along the way. I love him so much for that last part and I can only hope that I don’t fail him along the way and I must always remember to fight and advocate for him because if I don’t no one else will.


I spent my younger years angry at a lot of people. Angry at my father for his lack of parenting and more. Angry at my biological mother for not being around. Angry at my step mother because I was told to be. The only person I wasn’t angry with was probably my grandmother. Now that I am older I am thankful for these people failing me. If they hadn’t I wouldn’t have grown into the person I am today. I don’t mean it to be an insult and they all came through in their own ways at different times when I needed them and for that I will always be grateful but I didn’t have the traditional “normal” family and that’s okay. I had to go through those things so that I could stand before you the person I am today those scrapes bumps bruises. The defeat it was all necessary to bring me here to make the person I am today. If it weren’t for my upbringing I wouldn’t have been able to do for others even when I really couldn’t do for myself. I had to walk a mile in someones shoes to get the whole judge not lesson. I appreciate that I am not proud of that leg of the journey but I do not regret it either. I am so thankful that I have learned what it is to forgive. Forgiveness is a beautiful thing not for those who have wronged you but for YOU once you can truly forgive you can move on and let go of the hurt. Once you let it go you move on and you grow and its a wonderful thing. I am so looking forward to being an encouraging force in other peoples lives. I want to be a positive influence I want someone to look back and think to themselves man I am thankful for that chick because she was there when I needed someone to be there. Not because I want recognition or accolades but because I know what it is like to be let down I know what it is like to go without I know what it is like to want an escape and have none. I know what it is like to NEED a kind word and how great it feels when you get that kindness shown to you when you least expect it. I want everyone to do their part to be a rainbow for someone else its not about material or financial support its about being kind because its what is necessary especially in today’s world where there are trolls and miserable people who just want to tear you down to make themselves feel better. I have my moments of weakness I have my moments when I let the miserable people get to me and they dull my shine for a tick but then I snap out of it and I try that much harder to brighten someones day because gosh darn it it feels so good to do. So my advice to you reading this right now be like Elsa and just LET IT GO!!!! Maybe not tomorrow but once you are healed enough and know that holding onto that anger does not serve you in anyway except for bad. Life passes us by way to fast so why let those negative things impact you another day?

These are a few of my favorite things

SAM_1786SAM_179110 seconds is a long freaking time I don’t see how the Lady Owl does it I need more practiceSAM_1785

ImageSo one of my favorite bloggers delivered her baby and I’ve been meaning to do a post inspired by her blog of fashion on my own blog I picked today not knowing that she welcomed a new person into the world hours earlier you can find her awesome blog here Anyway I received this amazing cowl in my Buffy Swap package from Halloween/Dia De Los Muertos it was a gift and I absolutely adore it the colors are beautiful and remind me of plants and water and all that is good in this world. It was crafted for me by PrrlGirl and I love the feel of it and how nicely it covers my scar from my thyroid surgery. The lovely hat in these photos was crafted by one very talented lady that I also have the honor and privilege of calling my friend I like to think we are pretty darn close she is the talent behind and my personal crafty inspiration. This hat is brown with flecks of white and reminds me of decadent chocolate and keeps me warm like a nice tall mug of hot cocoa I absolutely adore it one of my two favorite hats. I adore these pieces of wearable art. Yes crochet, knitting, sewing, spinning yarn these are all art forms and they are art that does not have to sit on your wall and wait to be seen by your guests they are art you can take out in public and show off to the world and say a talented person created this unique piece especially for me isn’t it great quality work. So as artist they deserve to be paid for their amazing work and precious time. I hope that you will check out the talent behind every link I shared because they are all worth your time and I hope you fall in love with what they do just as I have. Until next time Bauble Lovers.


and because it wouldn’t be owl inspired without this:

(sweater and jeans clothing swap $0 cowl gift $0 hat from $25

Another Year

Is it really going on 2 years since I started this blog? I know it seems like less with how little I post here. Its not because I don’t want to its just there is so much going on in my life. My business is growing YAY!! I’ve lost some friends made some new ones expanded my super mom abilities and have made some valuable connections. I went from a homeschooling mom to all 3 of my babies being in school by their choice. From renter to home owner. As you see the blog has a new header isn’t that little lady gorgeous. Don’t you just love her snood?!?!?!! I am not talented behind the camera so I am very thankful to the talented photographer at Four Smiles Photos. You can find them here: My goal is to post more this year and share more of my work as more. As usual this blog will be about my business for the most part but don’t think I’ll stop my random blurbs. I used to think I would grow up to be a writer that dream didn’t come true but I still like to write. I hope that your 2013 was a memorable one even when it comes to the bitter parts of that year. I hope your 2014 is of to a fantastic start and that you will continue to follow my blog. Until I write again my Bauble lovers which will be more it is after all my goal. I’ll leave you all with another shot of Serena and my snood IMG_6240

Bell E’s Baubles

It Started With A Blog

So I’ve had this blog up and running for a while now where I post random writings it all started out for my crafting its turned into a pinterest/journal. I have followed and spoken with some cool people through blogging. My favorite person has to be the one and only Eccentric Owl her cool thrift store finds her dope shoes and her all around sense of feminine style. I enjoy and look forward to every photo I see, I had been wanting to design something for her for a while but didn’t want to come off as a stalker weirdo. Well she shared some news there is a little egg in her nest. Enter my chance to make to make her something. I just hooked up the teeniest cutest little owl hat. The best part the pattern came free from another Blog imagine that :D Repeat Crafter Me

Fathers Day

Ok so let me say that like some adults I have issues with my childhood. That being said I thought this would be a good thing to post about not because I want to air out my dirty laundry but because I really think that I have grown as a person and have moved on and writing it down will help me to remember that I have indeed let it go. I have let my father <as in the person I share DNA with> know how I feel about him and nothing will change those feelings but I was thinking about my own childhood while dealing with my own children and you know I truly believe in my heart of hearts that while he is far from perfect he tried his best and you know I could be a much worse person than I am today so I choose to learn from his mistakes as a parent I vow to not let history repeat itself in my own parenting adventures and I hope for my own children to not follow in my foot steps but to exceed my expectations. The man who raised two children on his own had some help along the way but he was never given the tools to be a stellar parent he made do with what he had around him and he had a hand in raising two amazing people and no one can take that from him not even me. If it wasn’t for this man I would not be the independent free thinker who blogs before you today. If it wasn’t for him bringing powerful strong amazing women into my life I wouldn’t have the balls of steel I have today if it wasn’t for him showing me everything NOT to do I would have made much worse decisions in life. In some ways I repeated history and let the cycle continue but there are so many other cycles I have broken. Why because I didn’t want to be like him or I wanted to prove him wrong so I did. How great is that he raised a daughter who has no problem throwing a middle finger in your face with a big smile plastered on her face. I am a forgiving loving passionate person. I learned that falling of the horse doesn’t mean you don’t hop your ass right back up there. I learned that the most entertaining stories don’t come from a book but an imaginative mind. I learned to never judge a book by its cover. I learned that the face people give you is not always their face. My mother gave me my biggest life lesson in my 20’s but this man I share DNA with gave me so many more lessons and really shaped who I am the good and the bad. He tried as best he could. He taught me that a single parent doesn’t mean you let your new conquests in and out of your children’s lives. He taught me loud music is bad for little ears and it is better to walk in the heat with your kids sake then it is to take a ride in a car with too much bass XP. He taught me that a parent can be a jungle gym too. There are other lessons that were learned that I will be forever thankful for. What doesn’t kill us makes us stronger my childhood did not kill me but if for damn sure made me a better and stronger person.


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So its been a while since i’ve written anything here and i’ve missed it. We have began homeschooling this past month and Eeegad its been a struggle my child is 5 and a we chose home school because my child can be quite the handful and i was not ok with doing that to a teacher and a classroom. i feel that i need those Keep Calm and……… in wallpaper form some days and then there all the days that we get it all done and i’m one accomplished and proud super mom!!! What has kept me going is the little things and the big too the subjects he gives me the hardest time about are also the ones that i get giddy about when he gets 100%. But you know what my proudest moment was one of my hardest days we spent most of the day working on our history lesson the 7 continents and something special about each one we had been discussing the Sahara Desert and which countries it goes across and Mali was mentioned and he tried to side track me by asking me why that girl Molly lived there i gave him a quick answer and on we went. He was later telling his father about his day and what he had learned and he named 2 of the countries and the continent!! i was very proud of him that one small distraction/frustration ended up being a huge reward at the end of my very long day. Ahhhh i feel so much better getting that out i am trying to schedule one day a week to blog because i really need to have this outlet. Until Next Time Loyal Reader lets hope my hectic superhero schedule does not keep us apart for too long 

How To Honor A Legend

So let me start by saying i am not a huge rap or hip hop fan and really did not listen to this mans music very often on the radio sure but never went out and bought an album. When this man passed away i was in junior high school 7th grade i think thinking i could change the world when i turned 18, that has yet to happen. As of late my significant other has started playing a lot of Tupac and i take the time to listen to the lyrics i even get a little teary eyed from time to time. So my S.O. goes on to play some videos of the man i had no clue what he had gone through. Then i hear this great quote that is on his tombstone:ImageSo there you go that is who i am blogging about today Tupac. The man is a legend is he not? Websters defines a legend as a story coming down from the past his story is still being told 16 years after his death. The reason that i decided to sit down and write this blog that no one will probably ever read is because i am fearful for what this mans legend has become and can become its heartbreaking really. Many would like to emulate him but for the wrong things for the sex the Hennessy and the weed as so many rap songs today talk about, but why not emulate instead what Thug Life was truly all about? From what i gather it was about the people as a whole working together to better each other it was not about shooting up your enemies banging all you can and getting messed up all day everyday. No this man pictured a better place for all of us so that we would no longer be taken advantage of by the 1% some believe that this is what led to his demise. Perhaps he was always destined to leave the world at a young age before he could accomplish all of his goals. Look at the legend of Tupac Amaru the Inca king he was named after he attempted to lead a revolution of his own and was killed for it. Look at Tupac’s mother its no secret she was a member of the Black Panthers so yeah to me this man was always destined to be a legend. 

If the man was here today I think he would probably be very upset at the turn his legend has taken,this man from what I’ve watched and heard from those really close to him was an incredibly intelligent and talented man. He was not brought up in the ideal Rockwell home some of us have had and many of us dreamed of. He was born at a time when people were working hard to make change for their communities, he was famous in a time when camera phones did not exist so there were no eyes all around to film the harassment and all the other craziness that came along with the fame. He was silenced for whatever reason be it financial gain for others or to put out the spark before the glorious blaze broke out. *The need to write all this down has burdened me for almost two weeks now so forgive me if its all over the place*

Anyway so I heard that Tupac loved to read anything and everything he could get his hands on i plan on reading some of those books. This is one way I plan on honoring this legend other ways are to educate my children with everything i know from gardening to paper making my last thought is to do something good with myself to use my talents to make the world a better place for now it will be little things some i already do some will be new to me. These are a few of the way that I plan to honor a legend and to contribute to the vision I believe he had for his “Thug Life” and like i said I am not a rap or hip hop fan i am not a fan of 2pac the rapper I am a fan of Tupac Amaru Shakur the man the spark that was put out too soon. So to you fans of 2pac and Tupac I ask this what will you do to truly emulate a legend? What will you contribute to “Thug Life”. I am not a fan of rap or hip hop I am a lover of great minds, I am a mother, I am a student of life and a molder of young minds and those are just a few of my super powers what are yours?